How to Crack ? The Medical Entrance Exams

1. Mentor's Plan:- Behind every success there is a mentor's plan.

2. Goal:- Fix a proper goal. Fixing a goal is tough. Once you fix a goal, it became easy to achieve your goal.

3. Strong determination to reach up to the fixed target is required.

4. Proper Guidance by Dr. Zone:-To reach up to your Goal by traveling displacement not by distance.

5. Continuity:- Continuous Study with Regular Revision.

6. Knowledge of subject:- Without proper knowledge of the subject, questions cannot be solved, so proper knowledge of subject is necessary.

7. Time management:- Time management is an important factor. Inspite of knowledge about the entire question, without propertime distribution it's not possible to solve the entire question.

8. Sample Paper Practice:- Sample Paper Practice is the most important. It tell us how fast we are, how many questions we are able to solve in a fixed period of time. Practice makes a man perfect. So by practice student can improve his/her speed by regular mock test. It is a very very important factor. It also increases self confidence.

9. Have a long term goal of finishing the syllabus on time but focus more on short term goals. The syllabus is vast. So there should be a daily and weekly plan. Set realistic targets for a weekend and check your progress at the end of the week.

10. Selection of Books :- Do not buy every writer's book. Go through the NCERT books thoroughly and refer another 1 or 2 books for each subject for the numerical aspect and to know a little more about a particular topic.