DOCTOR ZONE, apart from classroom courses, offers  Test Series for NEET 2024, Test Series are framed to help aspirants "Rehearse the way to success" and hence it is as per the syllabus and pattern of the examination.

DOCTOR ZONE 'S Test Series includes multiple tests  which are as per the pattern and syllabus of various exam, enabling an aspirant's holistic preparation.

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Questions are designed and developed by dedicated R & D wing of DOCTORS ZONE , which comprises of renowned faculties. We understand studying and understanding concepts is one thing and application of same in the numerical problems needs practice. Hence, test series are designed for thorough coverage of full syllabus and helps students to remove any loopholes.

NCERT BASED Question Paper NEET – 2024

14th January to 17th March 2024 (Test series duration)


Time : 11am to 2pm, 


Duration : 3hours


Mode of examination : Online / Offline


Minor Test -1


14th January (Sunday)


PHYSICS   : Physical World, Units and Measurements, Motion in a Straight Line, Motion in a Plane, Laws of Motion


CHEMISTRY : Mole Concept, structure of Atom, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties


BOTANY : Biological Classification, Morphology of Flowering Plants


ZOOLOGY : Animal Kingdom, Structural Organisation in Animals


Minor Test -2


21th January (Sunday)


PHYSICS  : Work, Energy and Power, System of particles and Rotational Motion, Gravitation


CHEMISTRY : Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Thermodynamics


BOTANY  Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Cell: the Unit of Life, Transport in Plants


ZOOLOGY : Biomolecules, Breathing and Exchange of Gases,


Minor Test -3


28th January (Sunday)


PHYSICS  : Mechanical Properties of Solids, Mechanical Properties of Fluids, Waves, Oscillations

CHEMISTRY : Chemical Equilibrium, Redox Reaction


BOTANY  Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, The Living World


ZOOLOGY : Body Fluids and Circulation, Excretory Products and Their Elimination


Minor Test -4


04th February (Sunday)


PHYSICS  : Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics, Thermal Properties of Matter


CHEMISTRY : Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles & Techniques, Ionic Equilibrium


BOTANY  Respiration in Plants, Plant Growth and Development, Plant Kingdom


ZOOLOGY : Locomotion and Movement, Neural Control and Coordination, Chemical Coordination and Integration


Minor Test -5


11th February (Sunday)


PHYSICS  : Complete Chapter of Class XI


CHEMISTRY : Hydrocarbon, p-Block (Group 13 & 14), Chapter of XI


BOTANY  Complete Chapter of Class XI


ZOOLOGY : Complete Chapter of Class XI


Minor Test -6


18th February (Sunday)


PHYSICS  : Electric Charges and Fields, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance, Current Electricity

CHEMISTRY : Amines, Biomolecules


BOTANY  Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants, Principles of Inheritance and Variations


ZOOLOGY : Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health


(Class XII)


Minor Test -6


25th February (Sunday)


PHYSICS  : Moving Charges and Magnetism, Magnetism and Matter, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current


CHEMISTRY : The Solid State, Solution, Coordination Compounds


BOTANY  Molecular basis of Inheritance

ZOOLOGY : Evolution, Biotechnology: Principles and Processes


3rd March (Sunday)


PHYSICS  : Electromagnetic Waves, Ray Optics and Optional Instruments, Wave Optics


CHEMISTRY : Chemical Kinetics, The p-Block Elements, The d & f Block Elements, Electrochemistry


BOTANY  Organisms and Population, Ecosystem


ZOOLOGY : Human Health and Disease


10th March (Sunday)


PHYSICS  : Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter, Atoms, Nuclei, Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits


CHEMISTRY : Coordination Compounds, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids


BOTANY  Biodiversity and Conservation


ZOOLOGY : Biotechnology and its Application


17th March (Sunday)


PHYSICS  : Complete Chapter of Class XII


CHEMISTRY : Complete Chapter of Class XII


BOTANY  Complete Chapter of Class XII


ZOOLOGY : Complete Chapter of Class XII