Few Moments That Basically will Sum Up Your IIT Coaching Experience

Few Moments That Basically will Sum Up Your IIT Coaching Experience


Are you one of those students who have been told that IIT is impossible to crack? Well, nothing like that. IIT exam can be cracked easily but you just need the right strategies, preparation and that can be done from the ideal IIT coaching institute.

Successful IIT Preparation

The first step is to believe in you. The next would be to check the exam details and the best strategy would be to solve all the problems. So here are some of the tips which are shared by students who have already cracked their IIT exams with the help of best coaching institutes. Now it is your turn!

Must-to-do Things Before Preparing for IIT Coaching

No doubt, that IIT is tough to crack but these points must help students get good marks in the exam.

  • 100% attendance
  • 100% concentration in the class
  • 100% punctuality of time
  • Regular revision of class notes and formulas
  • No distractions.

Now, We Come to the Role of Coaching Institutes

Nowadays more than 99% of students join coaching classes. So, if we compare then we will find students going in coaching classes will pass with better marks. In coaching institutes, the expert faculties will reduce their learning time. So you must join coaching classes just after 10th board exams.

Now the Strategy or the Experience of Coaching

  • Focus on competitions rather than marks in schools. Attend all the classes and finish your syllabus there itself.
  • Try to take evening batches in coaching. Sleep for an hour or two as it is also important to increase your thinking power.
  • Make a monthly plan according to your school and coaching time table. Consistency in studies is important. From coaching institutes, you will learn what to read and skip. So, selected quality problems are important.
  • If you don't like too many tests then at least one test after every three weeks is necessary. However, once your course gets completed then you may increase the number of tests.
  • In the beginning, you might not score good marks so you must keep on revising them several times. Six months before the exam you will surely have good problem-solving skills.

The above tips or experiences will surely help you in getting good coaching for IIT to crack your exam easily.


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